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What's Included in this Exclusive Influencer Blueprint?

1) Live Event Marketing Lifecycle Worksheet - Stay on track for planning your next event, starting from 12 weeks out up until the day of. Here’s how our team manages our events through the planning process.  

  2) Influencer Webcast Marketing Lifecycle – Online events are a WHOLE different beast! Plan a jam-up webcast or webinar, from beginning to end, with this worksheet.  

3) Live Event Checklist – Don’t leave home without it! Here are all the things you need to bring to your live event, plus room to add your own!  

4) Speaker Scoring and Ranking Form – Score and rank the speakers’ influence with this worksheet and our guidance. This tool is great for deciding what speakers you want to return for future events. seen on

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Why Become An Influencer? If you are not using social media and video before, during and after your events you are missing a large percentage of the audience that you need for your next events. Events are no longer a short campaign, they need to be integrated into your social strategy, it is proven that once people experience your event, they will bring others with them next time, why wait for them?

event influencer toolkit
event influencer toolkit

What Can Live Streaming Do For Me? Facebook Live is currently the most popular platform for live-streaming video, surpasses even YouTube. This could be simply because Facebook has over 2 billion users to YouTube’s 1 billion users. Your event must have Social Streaming to engage users before during and after each event.

event influencer toolkit

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